Dormant Pruning

There is snow on the ground and a chill in the air. What perfect time for pruning your shrubs and perennials! Wait, what? Most people put landscape maintenance on the back burner during the winter months, but it is a great time for what is called “Dormant Pruning”.

Dormant pruning is the pruning of your plants when they are dormant. Here in the Midwest, this is typically during the winter season. Pruning while your plants are getting their winter beauty sleep allows the branches to be shaped without leaves blocking the view of the branches, to better get an idea of the plant’s structure. It also puts less stress on the plant as it slows down the amount of sap lost. It also limits the spreading of any disease, which is lying dormant during this time as well. Dormant pruning starts your plants off right, so they are ready to shine when the snow melts and the temps warm-up.

When pruning, we typically remove up to one-third of the plant to help it stay healthy and strong for the next growing season. Please note, not all plants should be trimmed in the winter months. Some flowering plants, such as lilacs, grow their buds in the fall for next spring. They are already all set to greet you with their beautiful scent as soon as the weather warms up! It is best to trust your pruning to a professional to optimize the beauty and health of your softscape. Our crews at Grow Rite follow the ANSI A300 Standards to manage trees, shrubs, and other woody plants. Consider adding dormant pruning to your landscape maintenance package.