Mulch or Stone?

Many great debates in the world have divided people for many years. Android or iPhone? Vanilla or chocolate? Packers or Bears? And the most significant discussion of them all – Mulch or Stone?

Many times the decision is a personal one. Each choice has its advantages, and your choice may be dependant on several factors. There are many factors for you to consider when you are making this decision for your landscape project.

Let’s talk about mulch. Mulch is traditionally made from shredded tree bark or wood chips, but can also be made from rubber, cocoa beans, shells, and even recycled carpeting! We use the most traditional wood mulch in our landscape projects. Wood mulch not only enhances the look of your plant beds; it also prevents some weeds, helps your soil retain moisture, and can help protect the plants against some sudden temperature changes. Mulch made from organic materials can also add nitrogen and other nutrients to your soil as it decomposes. However, this natural decomposing also means you need to refresh your mulch from time to time.

Are you ready to rock? While the cost of stone can be more than an application of mulch, it does not need to be refreshed nearly as often as mulch, making the overall cost lower. Rock is also wind-resistant if you live in a windy area since they stay put. While stone can also deter weeds, they can and do grow between them, and the rock can make it more difficult to remove them. Rocks can warm the soil in the summer, increasing your plant’s watering needs.

Which is right for you? When working on your landscape plan, bring your questions and concerns to your landscape designer, who will help you decide the best option for your landscape needs.