Yea, you found us! Our new website has arrived, and you have already started to explore it. Please send us your comments on how you like it and what improvements might make it better.

If you have called recently, you may have noticed that Kathy is no longer here. She has reached that golden age and has found retirement (and poverty.) We wish her happiness and will miss her.

This year has been interesting. Many of you have found time to appreciate (or not appreciate) your outdoor environment. You found colors, sounds, smells, and maintenance that you never realized before. The extra time at home has caused many to take a new look at their landscape. Many have decided to make some changes as they foresee a possible future of spending more time at home than they had previously anticipated. We can help. Maintenance to get the property back in shape, redesigning planting beds, paver patios with or without a seat wall, fire pit (natural burning or gas), walkways, lighting, and even pergolas.

Now, transitioning to Mother Nature, insects and diseases have done what they do every year. Some areas get damaged more than others. Insects and diseases are specific to certain plants. Not all plants get powdery mildew, and not all plants get attacked by the Japanese beetle. Improper placement of a plant can lead to more disease issues. No plant is immune to everything, so discussing your options with a professional can save you a lot of time and expense in the future, trying to prevent some of these problems. Poor selections often lead to replacing the plant and starting over with something smaller.

Grow Rite is already scheduling construction projects for 2021, so please do not wait to contact us in March with the intent to have something done in May.

-Terry Klein
Landscape Designer